Bloody Footprint Bath Mat

Bloody Bath MatEveryone knows that the bathroom is where most of the action happens in horror movies. Whether it’s bloody murder as in the iconic film Pyscho, or just a gratuitous shower scene from take-your-pick-of-80s-slasher-films, many of the genre’s most memorable moments happen in the very same room where people poop. This bloody footprint bath mat adds a twisted touch to an ordinary lavatory, with its obvious homage to scary flicks (not to mention macabre shows like Dexter).

Despite the sloppy, “splattery” look, the red paint on this blood bath mat is permanent. In other words, there’s no chance of tracking it elsewhere. The bad news is, the footprints don’t magically appear when the rug gets wet, as some people might expect (we will report back if/when we find such a rug, because it would be seriously cool).

This bloody bath rug makes a sweet gift for horror fans (duh), but given how picky people can be about home decor, it might be more realistic to get one for yourself (unless you really know the person well). If nothing else, bring it out for your next Halloween party.



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