Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Christmas Story Leg LampThe movie A Christmas Story has become an undisputed classic, filling up basic cable time slots around the holidays that were once reserved exclusively for It’s A Wonderful Life. One testament to its popularity is the fact that you can buy Christmas gifts inspired by some of the film’s signature moments. While we don’t recommend picking up a Red Ryder BB Gun for your preteen (they’ll shoot their eye out), we can suggest one for adult fans of the movie – the infamous Christmas Story Leg Lamp.

To recap the classic scene, the foul-mouthed father in A Christmas Story wins a tacky lamp like this one as a prize. Ignoring the objections of his clearly mortified wife, the dad places it right next to the living room window for all to see. It remains there until a later scene, when it becomes broken in a mysterious “accident.”

This lamp makes a funny gift for anyone who loves the movie – whether they decide to display it year-round, or just bring it out with the Christmas decorations. As the prototypical tacky decoration, it’s also a natural for white elephant/yankee swap parties. If one pictured here offers the highest quality tackiness – however, you can find lamps like this in all price ranges.



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