Matching Christmas Pajamas for the Whole Family

Snowman Matching PJsDoes the sight of a family in coordinated outfits make you coo or cringe? Either way, you might want to consider buying matching Christmas pajamas for the whole family. Why? Because in the first case, you’ll enjoy the sense of family togetherness as you all gather by the Christmas tree in your PJs on Christmas morning. And in the second, you’ll simply laugh your ass off at the sheer cheesiness of it.

The truth is that in any family, there are likely to be those who think matching family Christmas pajamas are super cute, and those who are mortified by the very thought. Most will probably go along simply because no one else has to see. As long as it’s in the privacy of your own home, it’s all in the family, right? Well, not if you plan to get the PJs for the purpose of a Christmas portrait, which could serve as a source of embarrassment for years to come. In any case, you can overcome any resistance to matching PJs by threatening to withhold Christmas presents (as a last resort, of course).

Green and Red Matching PJsYou can find matching pajamas for the whole family in a variety of styles. Keep in mind that, in most cases, the price listed is for a single pair of PJs. In other words, you’ll need to add a pair to your shopping cart for each member of the family. One other option to consider is getting one set of matching PJs for Mom and Dad, and a different complementary set for the kids. Don’t forget the dog!

As a gift, family pajamas can be either sweet or ironic, depending on how you look at it. They make a lot of sense as a gift from Mom on Christmas Eve. On the other hand, they could also be a pretty funny gag gift from a mischievous uncle.



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