Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder

Skeleton Toilet Paper HolderAt first blush, this skeleton toilet paper holder just seems funny. But then, if you’re cursed with a macabre imagination like I am, something downright horrible might occur to you. Perhaps this skeleton is a damned soul, forced to perform the lowliest, most distasteful job for all eternity. In some alternative version of Dante’s Inferno, I could imagine this being the punishment for people who habitually fail to replace the toilet roll after using the last square.

If the thought of having a tortured soul in your shitter doesn’t disturb you, then you might get a kick out of having one of these cool toilet paper holders around. The customer reviews are certainly top-notch, with many people praising its size and sturdy construction. It’s a good thing that it’s made to last, too, because this is more than just a temporary novelty decoration. You have to actually install it in the wall, so it’s more of a permanent fixture rather than something you trot out for Halloween.

For the same reason, this might not be the best choice for a gift, unless you know that the recipient will want it as part of his or her home. That said, at around $20, the price is certainly right for such a weird little conversation starter.

If you want to go further with the skull bathroom theme, you might want to check out the skull toilet brush as well. With both of these decorations, you can delight in telling people that – yes, something really did die in there.



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